BSEB session 2022-24 Matric Dummy Admit Card link activated. Best Updates

BSEB: Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) has issued online Dummy Admit Card for annual examination 2024 of Matric. All eligible Students can download online dummy admit card at BSEB official website from 31st October 2023 onwards for Bihar 12th class annual examination 2024.

News:- मैट्रिक वार्षिक परीक्षा, 2024 में सम्मिलित होने हेतु ऑनलाईन भरे गये सूचीकरण एवं परीक्षा आवेदन के आधार पर छात्र / छात्राओं का Dummy Admit Card समिति की वेबसाईट पर अपलोड किया गया है
BSEB Inter Dummy Admit Card for annual examination 2024 link activated

BSEB Inter Dummy Admit Card for annual examination 2024 link activated


Bihar School Examination Board

BSEB 10th Dummy Admit Card 2024 Instructions

All the candidates can download the Dummy Admit Card by entering their Registration Number and Date of Birth after clicking on the board’s website using their Registration Number and Date of Birth.

All the students appearing in the Intermediate Annual Examination, 2024 are informed to immediately contact the head of their educational institution and get their Dummy Admit Card and match all the details mentioned in it carefully. If there is any error in the spelling of the name of any student and mother/father in the Dummy Admit Card, there is any error in the Aadhaar number, category, gender, subject, marital status, date of birth, photo or signature etc., then such students will have to submit their Dummy Admit Card. After correcting the errors, you will make one copy of it along with your signature available to the head of your educational institution for online correction and the other copy will be kept safe with you after obtaining the signature and seal of the head of the educational institution.

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About of BSEB:

The Bihar Board 10th exam refers to the secondary school examination conducted by the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) for students studying in the 10th grade or equivalent in schools affiliated with the board.

The BSEB conducts the Bihar Board Matric (10th) examination annually. This examination serves as an important milestone for students as it determines their academic progress and serves as a basis for further education or career choices.

The Bihar Board 10th exam typically takes place at the end of the academic year. The examination assesses students’ knowledge and understanding of subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, Hindi, and other optional subjects.

The exam pattern and syllabus for the Bihar Board 10th exam are set by the BSEB, and students are expected to prepare accordingly. The examination consists of both theory and practical components, depending on the subject requirements.

BSEB Inter Dummy Admit Card for annual examination 2024 link activated
BSEB Inter Dummy Admit Card for annual examination 2024 link activated

Once the examination is conducted, the answer sheets are evaluated, and the Bihar Board declares the results. Successful candidates receive the Bihar Board Matriculation Certificate upon completion of the 10th exam.

The Bihar Board 10th exam is a significant milestone in a student’s academic journey, as it provides them with opportunities for higher education or vocational courses based on their performance. It is important for students to prepare diligently and follow the guidelines provided by the Bihar Board for a successful examination experience.

OMR stands for Optical Mark Recognition, and an OMR sheet is a specially designed answer sheet used in examinations or surveys. It contains a series of questions or statements with corresponding bubbles or checkboxes that can be filled in by examinees using a pen or pencil.

The OMR technology enables automated data capture and processing. When an examinee fills in the bubbles or checkboxes on the OMR sheet, the marks or responses can be read by an OMR scanner or machine using optical sensors. The scanner detects the presence or absence of marks in specific areas and converts them into digital data.

BSEB Inter Dummy Admit Card for annual examination 2024 link activated
BSEB Inter Dummy Admit Card for annual examination 2024 link activated

OMR sheets are commonly used in objective-type exams where candidates need to select the correct answer from multiple choices or indicate their responses using checkboxes. The OMR sheets are designed in a standardized format, ensuring uniformity and ease of processing.

Advantages of using OMR sheets in exams include:

1. Efficiency: OMR sheets allow for quick and accurate processing of large volumes of answer sheets, reducing manual effort and time required for evaluation.

2. Error Reduction: The automated nature of OMR eliminates human errors that may occur during manual data entry or evaluation.

3. Speed: OMR sheets enable faster result processing and generation, enabling timely release of exam results.

4. Cost-Effectiveness: OMR technology reduces the need for extensive manual labor and associated costs in exam evaluation.

OMR sheets have become widely adopted in various educational institutions, recruitment exams, surveys, and other assessments where objective-type responses need to be processed efficiently and accurately.

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